Craft Fair

Afternoon all,

Last Saturday I dragged myself out of my comfort zone and into Morley Town Hall, Leeds with PomPom in the Attic to do my very first craft fair.

The foot fall was a little lower than we expected, no doubt the constant rain and sudden drop in temperature didn’t help.

But, despite the weather outside our stall had a wonderful homely feel too it.


Between us we covered a good range of crafts from crochet and stitch to clay and paper.


Although the day was generally quiet we met lots of lovely people and received plenty of heart warming compliments.  Slowly but surely sales were made and items were bagged up and sent with love to new homes around the world… (A set of my coasters will currently be on their way to beautiful Belgium)


The day made me feel excited about the future.  It lit a spark within me to get organised and get some ideas from head to fabric and hook.

So together, let us raise our tea cups to a happy and inspirational handmade future 😉

Sarah x


5 thoughts on “Craft Fair

  1. Considering this was your first Craft Fair – looks very well prepared! – Try business cards – and a plan sheet beneath your table cloth next time! They helped me… you work stands out against a dark background… nice work too!

    • Thank you… For both the compliments and the advice, as a newbie to all this all help and guidance is very much appreciated. Ive just had a browse of your blog and site, you’re a talented guy, i love your work. Do you do yarn bowls at all 🙂

      Thanks for the follow too 🙂

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