A catch up

Hello everyone,

I hope this post is finding you in good health and that you are all getting into the festive spirit… 🙂

I will begin with an apology for my month long absence.  Life just, very suddenly, got busy.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining, it has been a good busy with career changes and craft fairs, studying and well, family life.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words therefore I am going to use photographs to tell my ‘month away’ story.

Most of my time has been taken up with making little bits and pieces to sell at a few craft fairs with Pompom in the Attic.




I also took the plunge and had a go at creating my very own pattern for some little festive stockings, (this process included lots of head scratching, unravelling, cursing and general grumpiness.)


Now, you may remember me mentioning in a previous post that after discovering and falling in love with Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine I had decided to book myself onto a beginners quilting course at my local wool and fabric shop, The Skep.

Well, I have now been on that course… Nerves prevented me getting a wink of sleep the night before, which was ridiculous as all the ladies in the group we’re lovely and our teacher, Brioni Greenberg was an absolute treasure, so helpful and patient.

The course was over two Sundays, by the end of the first day I was WAY behind so had to take my quilt home to play catch up, which comprised of many tight shouldered and frowny-faced hours on my own, at the dining room table with just Stan for company (everyone else deserted ship, apparently I was grumpy!).


My beautiful fabric pack.


Cutting, cutting and more cutting and then stitch, stitch, stitching…


Placing, rearranging, replacing, umming, ahhhhing all followed by more frowning.

BUT… Two Sunday and 4 extra hours at home, I did it!


Ta Dah!!!  I’m so proud and Stan loves her too (yes she is so loved, she has a gender!)


Okay so not quite finished. I still need to hand stitch the binding in place but I am on with it and loving every second.  Plans for quilt number 2, 3, 4 and 5 are already in the pipeline 🙂

My final little adventure of the month came when the owner of a beautiful, traditional fruit and veg shop asked me if I could make her some christmas bunting and christmas stockings to trim the shop.  I have never made either item before but I decided, that while I was on a roll, I needed to be brave.

I skipped off to the Skep and purchased bundles of beautiful festive material


Then I sketched and re-sketched and measured and re-measured and re-measured again (just to be sure).

“Measure twice, cut once”

Brioni Greenberg November 2013

(heard once, never forgotten!)



The results of which are…


I made the bunting double-sided so it could be enjoyed both inside and outside of the shop.


One side of each stocking is patchwork.


The other is plain.  All made using the same fabric as the bunting, tying it all in nicely.


I couldn’t resist adding a little touch to their beautiful tree 🙂

And there was have it…  My November in pictures.

From now going forward I shall be more attentive with my posting and catching up with comments.  Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to follow and comment on my blog to date, I’m humbled that you have chosen to join me on my crafty little journey.

And now, it is time for tea,

Sarah x


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