Hi all,

I guess I should start with a ‘Happy New Year to you all’ and a ‘Welcome to the new look Tea with May’

This is something I planned to do on the 1st January but it seems ‘life’ had other plans for me.

We may only be a quarter of the way into 2014 but a lot has already happened in the Tea with May household.  The impact of ill health has swept through and touched each of us in a huge way.  I am hoping that the change of season is going to bring a change of luck and a new happy and healthy karma to our home and lives.

Now, I may have been quiet on the blogging front but I do have a few little projects on the go which I have been flitting between, depending on mood and feeling on the day.

Here are a few little sneaky glimpses…


Chevrons – Which will eventually become a cute little cushion.


A granny square – Which is gradually becoming a project bag.


And last, but by no means least, a little present for Mothers Day which has to be kept under wraps until after the 30th March so SHHHHHHHHHH!

The plan is to do a post for each of these little project individually once they are complete, which at the speed I’m going at, could be sometime away!

Now I need to go and get some chores done… I still have Christmas presents to post out and many many catch up phone calls to make and emails to write.

Sarah and May

x                x


8 thoughts on “Time

  1. I love the blanket!! Also I do not know what has happened but I do not see your blog name anymore when you post, just to let you know in case something has gone wrong

      • I am useless with it too, I tried to link a website on here and I clicked the little link button and there was nothing there so I have to actually type in the website address like a pro lol!!!

      • oh I love your new design by the way looks so nice 🙂 Did you design it yourself

      • Hiya,

        I’m really sorry for my late reply I’ve been having a computer nightmare and no notification came to my phone for your comments. (Technology, its great when it works!)

        Thanks for your kind comments about my new logo.

        No I didn’t do the design myself, I’m no where near that creative. It was done by a company called Felt Mountain Studios. She was on the tv the other day on a Kirsty Allsop programme called ‘The best of both worlds’ 🙂

      • oh my! Everything good is on a kirsty Allsop programme well she your logo is awesome 🙂 I am still hoping to get a pom pom maker 🙂

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