At a junction without a compass or map

Monday 24th March was my birthday.  It was an incredibly beautiful day full of flowers, cakes, cards, gifts and most importantly family and lots and lots of love.

Since then I’ve been feeling lost… It’s like, I’m deep in the woods and I’ve come to a junction. There is a dusty circle in the ground which has many possible pathways but no clear signage indicating which way is the right way to go. My internal compass is spinning one way and then the other. And although each route is lit with sunshine the central point where I stand is clouded with a thick fog, commonly known as ‘indecision’

Last night I had a break through when I remembered a blog post I was reading from the superb ‘Tilly and the buttons‘ blog which was following a day in the life of Lauren from Guthrie and Ghani.  In the post Lauren mentioned that she had lost her way for a while but managed to unearth her life path through an online course, ‘Do what you Love.’

After another wasted day involving me bumbling around, not achieving very much, I decided to have a look on the link.  A quick read established that this could be exactly what I was looking for.  Small bite sized pieces, all aimed to get me pointing in the right direction, with the right mind set and a clear view of how and where I want to be.  The Do What You Love course is due to start at the end of April, giving me plenty of time to get my diary sorted and allocate myself some ‘me time’.

When you sign up to the site you receive a complementary link to a ‘New Year Resolution’ short course.Image
After answering just a few questions I was beginning to see my true self.  I was awakened to the fact that I care too much about what everyone else thinks.  I concern myself with other peoples opinions, therefore I’m living my life for everyone else.  I’m not listening to my heart or the music of my soul.

Maybe, just maybe this could be the answer… I can’t see the right path because I’m letting too many trees cover the way!

Today, after completing the questions and tasks, I woke up feeling motivated and determined.  I’ve printed my New Years Resolution answers out and pinned them on wall where I can see it every day.  Keeping me motivated and focused on moving forward to the place I want to be.

Life is a very spiritual journey!   If we don’t stop and listen to our heart and soul on a regular basis we lose sight of our true purpose.  Before you know it your soul music has ended and you are dancing to everyone else beat.  Bringing your orchestra back together is no easy task but in the end, the reward will be truly magnificent, not only for you, but for those who you share your life with too.

Thank you for stopping by,
Sarah x


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