Beautiful Blogs

Happy Easter Everyone!

I would have liked this post to have been a ‘Ta Dah’ post, featuring a beautiful finished piece of sewing or crochet.  But alas, it wasn’t to be – I have many projects on the go but they are all rather large and are taking quite some time to complete.  My problem is exactly that – I have ‘many’ projects, flitting between them means that none are really moving along at any speed.

So seeing as I can’t share any of my own crafty goodness with you I thought I would share some wonderful blogs that I have recently un-earthed…

IHeart Organizing – If like me you need a little guidance and direction with the organisation and planning of your home and work life then this is the place to go.  Great for tips, advice and general motivation to get things in order.

Crafts from the Cwtch – Pop over and meet Sarah (Daughter of the lovely Linda from this years Great British Sewing Bee.)  An avid knitter and lover of all things yarn her blog is packed with great tips, tutorials and patterns.

All About Ami – All about crochet and amigurumi.  The beautiful Stephanie introduces us to the magical world of cute crochet pieces to make and adore.

Pretty by Hand – Gorgeous sewing tutorials and stunning snippets of inspiration.

Do What You Love – Feeling a bit lost?  Need some life direction?  Have a feeling you have the answer to your life path tucked away somewhere deep inside?  Then this is the place to go.

Guthrie & Ghani – Sewing inspiration and stunning fabric and haberdashery to boot.  What more can we crafters need?

Selina Lake – As you probably know I love her books.  Her blog is equally as wonderful for home and garden design and inspiration.

LoobyLou Creations – Hayley is a knitter and creator of wonderful felt pieces.  Grab a cuppa and nip over for some great crafty chatter and inspiration.

These are just a few of the blogs I love to browse whilst slurping tea and munching biscuits. You can find more of my blog-faves here – And should you have found any beautiful blogs that I haven’t yet un-earthed then please do let me know!

Now, I do believe that is the kettle I hear boiling…

Have a great bank holiday weekend one and all.

Sarah x




A wobble

Hi all,

Hopefully you are all healthy, happy and enjoying the beautiful (yet wet) change of seasons.

For the last few weeks I’ve felt as though I’m riding the worlds biggest roller coaster with ups and downs and twists and turns a plenty.

Since I began crafting at the back-end of last year, I have discovered, and fallen in love with many beautiful blogs.  On an evening I love to curl up in my favourite chair by the window with a cup of tea and the iPad, soaking up all those crafty tips, tutorials and wonderful stories and photographs.

However, since starting my blog I browse very differently.  I’m a perfectionist and the fear of ‘doing it wrong’ can sometimes be suffocating.  I know I’m in the early stages and I know that I will gradually find my voice and feet.  But right now, I feel as though I’m at the top of that first drop and I’m not sure my safety belt is fastened correctly!


As well as blog procrastination I’m wading through my course.  At the moment the bottom of the academic lake is swampy and dense.  Some days I’m on land – I write with confidence and un-abandoned passion, other days I’m back in that swamp, dragging my feet through poetic mud.

Poetry – It is taking its toll and panic is beginning to set in!  Assignment one deadline – 7th November! Eeeeek!


The craft fair countdown has also started with the 2nd November looming ever closer.  Don’t get me wrong – I am excited, but with a tinge of worry.  I crochet and stitch very slowly (unlike this super talented lady!)  So far I have very little to display.  I just have to hope that Jenny and Natalie bring plenty of handmade goodies along.


Over the last few weeks my life has been filled with coasters, pin cushions, collars and baskets.  I’m itching to do more, the creative side of my brain is fit to burst.  Every room in our home seems to have piles of craft books and magazines, scrap paper keeping pages with patterns and ideas ready for another day.

I keep telling myself that everyone venturing into new territory gets overwhelmed and fuzzy-headed in the beginning…

Next week we are treating ourselves to a seaside break.  I’m hoping sea air and some different scenery will bring me back to my old self and I will come home with a tea cup brimming with optimism and steely determination.

Thanks for taking the time to drop by,

Sarah x