Getting organised

I have to confess that I’m more than a little ditzy and probably the most un-organised person in the world (maybe even the universe!)

I’m not sure whether it’s the on-set of the season of the spring clean or more to do with me spending more time at home now, but I have a desire to get structured, streamlined and more efficient.

Just the other day I discovered an amazing selection of blog posts about cleaning and organising your home by the lovely Sandra over at Cherry Heart.  The posts are broken down into bite sized little articles of inspiration.  Each one covering a different task or goal.  They really are a delightful read and immediately inspired me to get stuck in and organise both myself and our home.

Feeling motivated, I decided to begin by bringing some order to my crafty life. So last night I pulled together a few of my favourite crochet and stitch books and magazines and began marking some items which I’ve want to make but have never found the time or motivation to get things started.



I was going to number each label then work through them in numerical order but I decided ‘one baby step at a time.’  Lets not make life too regimented.  So, I’m going to make a start on one of these exciting chosen projects this weekend, then as soon as its finished (YAY! I will finally be able to do a ‘Ta Dah’ post,) I shall select another, then another, until all the pretty pink tags are removed and replaced by pretty, colourful, handmade goodies.

Then today, striking while the iron was hot – I nipped out and bought myself a cute little planner pad.
Each Sunday evening I’m going to spend 15 minutes noting down tasks and goals for the week and I’m going to start creating a meal plan and a shopping list.

So, lets re-cap – I have my pretty planner and pen, I have my funky pink page markers and I have my meal plans and shopping lists!  Now all I need is lots and lots of discipline and focus.

I think its a good start to a big and on-going job!  Grandma May will be so proud!

Sarah x



Beautiful Blogs

Happy Easter Everyone!

I would have liked this post to have been a ‘Ta Dah’ post, featuring a beautiful finished piece of sewing or crochet.  But alas, it wasn’t to be – I have many projects on the go but they are all rather large and are taking quite some time to complete.  My problem is exactly that – I have ‘many’ projects, flitting between them means that none are really moving along at any speed.

So seeing as I can’t share any of my own crafty goodness with you I thought I would share some wonderful blogs that I have recently un-earthed…

IHeart Organizing – If like me you need a little guidance and direction with the organisation and planning of your home and work life then this is the place to go.  Great for tips, advice and general motivation to get things in order.

Crafts from the Cwtch – Pop over and meet Sarah (Daughter of the lovely Linda from this years Great British Sewing Bee.)  An avid knitter and lover of all things yarn her blog is packed with great tips, tutorials and patterns.

All About Ami – All about crochet and amigurumi.  The beautiful Stephanie introduces us to the magical world of cute crochet pieces to make and adore.

Pretty by Hand – Gorgeous sewing tutorials and stunning snippets of inspiration.

Do What You Love – Feeling a bit lost?  Need some life direction?  Have a feeling you have the answer to your life path tucked away somewhere deep inside?  Then this is the place to go.

Guthrie & Ghani – Sewing inspiration and stunning fabric and haberdashery to boot.  What more can we crafters need?

Selina Lake – As you probably know I love her books.  Her blog is equally as wonderful for home and garden design and inspiration.

LoobyLou Creations – Hayley is a knitter and creator of wonderful felt pieces.  Grab a cuppa and nip over for some great crafty chatter and inspiration.

These are just a few of the blogs I love to browse whilst slurping tea and munching biscuits. You can find more of my blog-faves here – And should you have found any beautiful blogs that I haven’t yet un-earthed then please do let me know!

Now, I do believe that is the kettle I hear boiling…

Have a great bank holiday weekend one and all.

Sarah x




Hi all,

I guess I should start with a ‘Happy New Year to you all’ and a ‘Welcome to the new look Tea with May’

This is something I planned to do on the 1st January but it seems ‘life’ had other plans for me.

We may only be a quarter of the way into 2014 but a lot has already happened in the Tea with May household.  The impact of ill health has swept through and touched each of us in a huge way.  I am hoping that the change of season is going to bring a change of luck and a new happy and healthy karma to our home and lives.

Now, I may have been quiet on the blogging front but I do have a few little projects on the go which I have been flitting between, depending on mood and feeling on the day.

Here are a few little sneaky glimpses…


Chevrons – Which will eventually become a cute little cushion.


A granny square – Which is gradually becoming a project bag.


And last, but by no means least, a little present for Mothers Day which has to be kept under wraps until after the 30th March so SHHHHHHHHHH!

The plan is to do a post for each of these little project individually once they are complete, which at the speed I’m going at, could be sometime away!

Now I need to go and get some chores done… I still have Christmas presents to post out and many many catch up phone calls to make and emails to write.

Sarah and May

x                x

Love Patchwork & Quilting

You may or may not have read my about me page.  If you have you will know that ‘quilting’ is not on my learning curve list.  However that is all about to change.  Love Patchwork & Quilting Magazine has created an itch which is not going to disappear anytime soon…

Now quilting is something which has never really appealed to me.  My Auntie creates beautiful patchwork and quilted items which make me drool in envy and awe at the meticulous perfection.

This is a project bag she made for me.  Where I go, my adorable little bag doth go too!




I was looking for a magazine to take away with me on our seaside break.  None of the crochet magazines on the stand appealed to my tastes (I already had Simply Crochet stashed away at home) and so I decided to go with the eye-catching front cover of Love Patchwork & Quilting.


Saturday afternoon I managed to grab an hour of me time, so while the rain hammered down and the wind whipped up a storm around us  I took up my magazine and sat snug and warm in our little caravan, with tea in hand and a blanket on my legs.

As someone with a hell of a lot to learn in the sewing department I have often felt intimidated and overwhelmed by quilting.  To me, it always looks intricate, confusing and complex – I have to confess that these are not words which sit well in the mind of a perfectionist (I can only imagine how many times the seam ripper will be out on this little adventure!)

Saying that, Love Patchwork got me interested.  It didn’t scare or frighten me.

It made me want to be bold with neon brights


I didn’t shudder at the complexity of quilted cushions.  Instead I sat and pondered what colours and patterns I would incorporate into my rail fence cushion.


It lead me to blogs which inspired, impressed and encouraged me to try something new (additions to my ‘inspiring blogs’ list coming very soon!)


Towards the back of the magazine there is a section called ‘the guide’ this takes you through the basics and gives you everything you need to get started.  It is full of informative yet digestible snippets of information which don’t overwhelm or scare but instead coax and nurture us newcomers into giving this quilting game a dam good try.


From front to back Love Patchwork & Quilting is an unexpected pleasure – Packed with ideas, inspirations, must-have-a-go projects, techniques and how-to’s which I immediately fell in love with.  Even Stan had a quick read…


When I say this magazine created an itch I was not kidding.  As soon as I arrived back home I did this


And the money I saved with the fab offer went towards the beginners quilting course I booked myself on.

They say a picture speaks a 1,000 words so I’m going to end todays post with this…


Sarah x

Building, making and crafty blog-loving

We are in the process of extending our home.  The plans have been passed and the hunt for the ‘perfect builder’ is on.  It was these plans that originally got me curious about sewing and crochet.  I wanted (and still do want) to add tiny touches of handmade goodness to each room in our home.  I’m talking a cushion here, a blind there, a blanket on here, few coasters there…

When I began my handmade adventure last November I had no clue that it was going to spark such a passionate love affair with wool and fabric.

Now, although I attended college to learn some of my sewing and crochet skills, other techniques and projects have blossomed from reading some amazing blogs written by breathtakingly talented people from all around the world.

Here are just a few of my favourites which are more than worthy of half an hour your time.  So, grab a cuppa, crack open the biscuits and click on a link or two… – A charming and eclectic mix of craft and inspiration – Flossie is the perfect stop point for all things sewing and quilting.  Her work is not only beautiful but also incredibly inspiring. – Lucy is, without a shadow of a doubt the queen of crochet.  Her blog is fully of very generous tutorials and infamous ‘Ta-Dah’ moments. – Emma’s blog is packed full of inspiration and crocheted goodness. – Tilly shot to fame when she appeared on ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’ however she hasn’t let fame go to her head and still keeps us mere mortals in dressmaking tutorial heaven. –  A beautiful blog about sewing and life in the Yorkshire Dales. – A cute peek into the life of a knitter – Superb sew-alongs and tutorials

These are just a handful of the blogs I love.  I’m hoping to, eventually, create a page listing them all.  In the mean time, if you have any favourite blogs you think I should know about then PLEASE do not keep them a secret – You know me, any excuse for a tea break…

Have a lovely weekend,

Sarah and May

x                  x


Why hello cyberspace…

Hmmm – this feels strange…  I’m no doubt talking to myself right now as no-one except me knows I’m here…

Anyway…  After many months of debating, procrastinating and sitting for too many hours at my desk with my fingers hovering over the keyboard like reluctant birds of prey,  I’ve done it.  Blog established. 

I’m hoping this is going to turn out to be a kind of cyber-tea party.  Where people can get together and chat about all things creative.  I named the blog after my Grandma – May.  She passed away a few years ago now but that doesn’t mean I don’t still miss her very much.  She wasn’t into crochet, sewing, knitting or writing but she did love a good cup of English tea and a nice slice of cake, over which we used to sit and put the world to rights.


May and I

Over the past 11 months I’ve been on a mind-blowing learning curve in sewing and crochet and I have to say, there are some amazing blogs out there, many who have taught me so much more than any college classroom or book has managed.  The beginning of this month I decided I needed a new quest and so in a moment of madness I enrolled with the OCA on a course in Creative Writing, which may, or may not result in me working towards my degree (fingers crossed on that one).  To be honest, I have lots of things in the pipeline, changes are afoot, these are exciting times and do you know what?  It would be really great if you could come along for the ride…

Bye for now,

Sarah (and of course May)