Hello all,

When I began blogging I was unsure what to expect.  I love reading blogs but would I enjoy writing my own? Would I get be able to handle any feedback (either good or bad)?  Would people even read what I’ve written?

One thought that never entered my head was – Would I make friends?

Yet here I am, 11 posts in and already I’ve made contact with people whom I’m genuinely beginning to care about.  These are people I’ve never met face to face, I wouldn’t know them if I passed them in the street, yet over a very short space of time they’ve nestled themselves a place within my heart.

When I think about this strange (to me) revelation it makes me feel warm inside.  It makes me see that all this is so much more than just words on-screen, crafty projects and cyber chatter.  This is where over tea and cakes we can make friends, grow relationships and together make this huge place we call home seem a tiny bit smaller.


A swap, a gift from an incredibly talented lady who I am extremely pleased to have met 🙂

Take care for now everyone and thank you for dropping by,

Sarah (and of course May)



A wobble

Hi all,

Hopefully you are all healthy, happy and enjoying the beautiful (yet wet) change of seasons.

For the last few weeks I’ve felt as though I’m riding the worlds biggest roller coaster with ups and downs and twists and turns a plenty.

Since I began crafting at the back-end of last year, I have discovered, and fallen in love with many beautiful blogs.  On an evening I love to curl up in my favourite chair by the window with a cup of tea and the iPad, soaking up all those crafty tips, tutorials and wonderful stories and photographs.

However, since starting my blog I browse very differently.  I’m a perfectionist and the fear of ‘doing it wrong’ can sometimes be suffocating.  I know I’m in the early stages and I know that I will gradually find my voice and feet.  But right now, I feel as though I’m at the top of that first drop and I’m not sure my safety belt is fastened correctly!


As well as blog procrastination I’m wading through my course.  At the moment the bottom of the academic lake is swampy and dense.  Some days I’m on land – I write with confidence and un-abandoned passion, other days I’m back in that swamp, dragging my feet through poetic mud.

Poetry – It is taking its toll and panic is beginning to set in!  Assignment one deadline – 7th November! Eeeeek!


The craft fair countdown has also started with the 2nd November looming ever closer.  Don’t get me wrong – I am excited, but with a tinge of worry.  I crochet and stitch very slowly (unlike this super talented lady!)  So far I have very little to display.  I just have to hope that Jenny and Natalie bring plenty of handmade goodies along.


Over the last few weeks my life has been filled with coasters, pin cushions, collars and baskets.  I’m itching to do more, the creative side of my brain is fit to burst.  Every room in our home seems to have piles of craft books and magazines, scrap paper keeping pages with patterns and ideas ready for another day.

I keep telling myself that everyone venturing into new territory gets overwhelmed and fuzzy-headed in the beginning…

Next week we are treating ourselves to a seaside break.  I’m hoping sea air and some different scenery will bring me back to my old self and I will come home with a tea cup brimming with optimism and steely determination.

Thanks for taking the time to drop by,

Sarah x

The ode beckons…

I must begin with a thank you.  A thank you to all the tea-lovers out there who dropped by on my first post.  Time is precious, I need you to know that it means a lot to me that you chose to use some of your diminishing life minutes to read and comment on my words of wisdom.  For some reason, I didn’t actually believe anyone would be interested… However, it seems you are.  Therefore I now feel under pressure to entertain.

So, lets pour the tea, choose a cake and begin with… Poetry!

The Creative Writing Course which I recently enrolled on begins with a year of ‘Writing Skills’.  A toe-dip into different aspects of  writing, beginning with poetry.  Now, I began this course with very few academic qualifications (as you can probably tell from my poor grammar and limited vocabulary).  GCSE English Language resulted in a C and I haven’t done any other writing-based studying since.  However, I have such a burning desire to write I just had to do something.  I wanted a focus for the future, an aim, an excuse to find time to put pen to paper every single day.  The OCA Creative Writing Course is it.


Poetry isn’t something that I’ve ever taken the time to read.  My daughter is a student at a weekend drama school and she has performed poetry for exam pieces in the past. I listened and sometimes I shed a tear, but on reflection, I know that these tears were more for the pride in seeing her perform than for the words themselves.  I never really paid full attention to the ti-tum of the rhythm or language of the verse.  Right now, I’m seriously regretting that.

My course comes with a reading list.  From the poetry section I chose to read ‘The Ode Less Travelled, by Stephen Fry.’  I picked this particular book as I love and respect Mr Fry as a comedian, actor and author.  I love his wonderfully visible intelligence, his quick wit and most of all, his seemingly-endless vocabulary.  I soak up his words of wisdom, dictionary clutched in one hand, note book and pen in the other.  Ready to scribble, research and expand my hungry mind.

(Focus Sarah, back to poetry…)

Basically, I’m finding it hard work.  It begins with the rules of poetry, I thought creativity was supposed to be free!  No-one mentioned any rules to me!  Then there are the principles, words which I cannot even pronounce never mind understand.

For all those out there who read and write poetry, will this get any easier?

Am I ever going to be able to complete Exercise 1?

Right now I feel like Alice when she fell into that rabbit hole.  I feel like I’m falling in the darkness.  I still have a whole new world to cross before I even glimpse the tea table with its quirky attendees and crazy hat-wearing host.

Why hello cyberspace…

Hmmm – this feels strange…  I’m no doubt talking to myself right now as no-one except me knows I’m here…

Anyway…  After many months of debating, procrastinating and sitting for too many hours at my desk with my fingers hovering over the keyboard like reluctant birds of prey,  I’ve done it.  Blog established. 

I’m hoping this is going to turn out to be a kind of cyber-tea party.  Where people can get together and chat about all things creative.  I named the blog after my Grandma – May.  She passed away a few years ago now but that doesn’t mean I don’t still miss her very much.  She wasn’t into crochet, sewing, knitting or writing but she did love a good cup of English tea and a nice slice of cake, over which we used to sit and put the world to rights.


May and I

Over the past 11 months I’ve been on a mind-blowing learning curve in sewing and crochet and I have to say, there are some amazing blogs out there, many who have taught me so much more than any college classroom or book has managed.  The beginning of this month I decided I needed a new quest and so in a moment of madness I enrolled with the OCA on a course in Creative Writing, which may, or may not result in me working towards my degree (fingers crossed on that one).  To be honest, I have lots of things in the pipeline, changes are afoot, these are exciting times and do you know what?  It would be really great if you could come along for the ride…

Bye for now,

Sarah (and of course May)